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Diversity Inclusion Equity Group


David R. Barnes Jr. Portrait

David R.Barnes Jr

Co-Founder Managing Partner
DEI-Performance Consultant

Dessi S. Freeman Portrait

Dessi S. Freeman

Co-Founder Human Resources Consultant

Grant Doster

Grant Doster

Global DEI Consultant

Kristine Perez-Foley Portrait

Kristine Perez – Foley

Global DEI Executive Coach

Deverges B. Jones Portrait

Deverges B. Jones

Global DEI Marketing Consultant

Deverges B. Jones Portrait

Stephanie Swenseid

Vice President, Supplier Diversity



“David has a true passion for human resources, as I have served on PIHRA’s (a large, local HR association) board of directors with him over the past few years. He was a key supporter of a diversity event I organized, and he continues to help pioneer diversity initiatives in Orange County. His innate charisma is a gift, but the product that results from his passion for diversity is inspiring. He is a joy to work with and very easy to direct. David is well-known within the community and respected not only for what he brings to the table, but for the added benefit of just being someone you want to work with.”

Trina White, Vice President, Human Resources

“I had the honor of being invited to a Fireside Chat on DEI recently hosted by the Diversity Equity and Inclusion Group.

It was informative, educational, encouraging, but also a call to action that there is still so much work to be done in this realm.  It was great to learn about the different levels of maturity organizations can have, to see where my organization is on its journey and learn about what the matured end state could look like.  It was also a great opportunity to meet and hear from other HR and business leaders and learn about the DEI work in their organizations.  Since the chat, I have been impressed by the DIEG Group’s commitment to educating and supporting my DEI work, through their generous sharing of useful resources.  Thank you very much for all you are in doing in this important realm and for your dedication to equipping and supporting those of us entrusted with leading the DEI work in our organizations.”

Christhannah Luten , Chief Human Resources Resource Officer

“David is a effective consultative and solutions oriented executive. I found his strong command of the diversity and inclusion industry, and desire to move the needle for clients refreshing. He backs up this understanding with a strong ability to get results.”

John Mackey, Associate Client Partner
Korn Ferry